Total Plan Fiduciary Management – As Co-Fiduciaries, we think and function in the capacity of an asset manager taking responsibility for the implementation of the total program and are directly accountable for the results.

Full-Time Focus – We are an extension of your staff.  With the discretionary authority granted to us, we implement the investment plan, monitor the results, and initiate strategic changes within the established guidelines reporting regularly on our progress to the investment committee.  With Hirtle Callaghan, the relationship is full-time, full-focus.  Consultants are more “episodic” in that they do not work full time on the program.  This makes it difficult for them to implement changes in a timely manner – which is particularly critical in volatile markets. 

Complete Objectivity, One Line of Business & No Conflicts – We have absolutely no business conflicts.  Some consultants may receive compensation from investment managers, securities trading firms, and other interested parties.  Others are in multiple lines of business that can create both conflicts of interest and conflicts of resources.  Both corrupt the objectivity necessary to be a true fiduciary.  Our fee is an advisory fee based on assets under management.  Hirtle Callaghan’s fee and “net revenue” would be exactly the same if we implemented a portfolio with 50% active equities, 30% fixed income, and 20% alternative assets or a portfolio 80% passive equities and 20% bonds.  As a result, our clients have peace of mind knowing our recommendations are in fact our best ideas--directly aligning our interests with our clients’ success.

Sustainability – We are an institution.  We are not a “key person” investment firm.  Our Investment Policy Committee, comprised of 11 senior professionals with an average of 25 years in the business, represents an investment process that is sustainable over time.

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