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Corporate Pension Funds Relying More On OCIOs For Speedy LDI Implementation

Hirtle Callaghan's CEO, Jon Hirtle, recently contributed to Institutional Investor's Money Management Intelligence's article Corporate Pension Funds Relying More On OCIOs For Speedy LDI Implementation.  The article discusses why U.S. corporate pension funds are increasingly turning to OCIOs to help execute faster and timelier management of liability-driven investment (LDI) strategies.

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Hirtle Callaghan CEO Jonathan Hirtle on Bloomberg

Hirtle Callaghan CEO, Jonathan Hirtle, discusses how long-term, valuation-based investing allows you to take advantage of current dislocation on Bloomberg on July 7, 2015.

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Estate Planning: Have You Considered a GRAT?

Interest rates play a critical role in most tax efficient wealth transfer strategies.  In today’s low interest environment, one of the most effective and efficient strategies is the Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT).

A GRAT is a trust in which a grantor makes an irrevocable contribution of assets to the trust.  Based on the trust terms (minimum is 2 years), the grantor receives annual annuity payments over a fixed number of years and at the end of the GRAT term, any remaining assets pass to the beneficiaries of the GRAT.


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Greek Debt Crisis: Is a Grexit Looming?

The Greek government is running out of time and money. 

Hirtle Callaghan has been following the news on Greece’s financial troubles closely.  Greece must quickly reach a deal with its eurozone partners to avoid defaulting on its payment owed to the IMF on June 30th.  This potential exit of Greece from the Euro has been termed the “Grexit.”

Hopes for an agreement have been raised, but if the Greek government defaults on its loans it risks losing liquidity from the European Central Bank and could potentially return to the pre-Euro currency, the drachma.

We have been in discussion with economic experts at our manager partners and several common themes have emerged that we wanted to share with our community. 

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