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2015 Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Survey Results

As the investment world continues to become more complex, families and investment committees are finding value in outsourcing their investment management.  An experienced Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) can deliver the performance advantage of a qualified CIO and staff to investors who could not replicate the same level of resources, purchasing power or process internally.  A true OCIO can help investors reach their goals and missions by providing significant resources, a disciplined capital allocation process and access to high-quality managers at reduced fees.

Chief Investment Officer magazine recently published their 2015 Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Survey and Buyers Guide.  The accompanying article highlights the continued growth of the OCIO segment and includes information about many providers.  Based on the data from the survey, Hirtle Callaghan is the largest and most experienced privately held OCIO with discretion of approximately $26B in assets.  According to the survey data, Hirtle Callaghan is also the second largest discretionary manager of endowments and foundations.

View the entire survey results here.

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Enterprise Risk Must Be Incorporated Into Asset Allocation Discussions

During the 2015 NACUBO Conference, John Griffith, Hirtle Callaghan's Endowment Risk Manager, shared some insights about the current higher education landscape with NonProfit News. 

View the article here.

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We Can’t All Be Above Average!

The four most expensive words in the English language are "this time it’s different."

  • Sir John Templeton

While many experienced investors and advisors may not be familiar with the origin of this expression, they’ve undoubtedly heard it uttered and nodded strongly in agreement. Why then, through their investing recommendations and actions, do those same experienced investors seem to subconsciously think "but I am different". Perhaps those are the next four most expensive words!


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Jon Hirtle's Investment Resolutions

We are in a momentum-driven market. In 2014, assets that were expensive became more expensive while assets that were cheap became even cheaper. What should we, as serious investors, be thinking about in the New Year?

For several years Pensions and Investments has published Jon Hirtle’s New Year’s Investment Resolutions.  Although P&I is an institutional publication, Jon’s resolutions apply to families and institutions alike.  We look forward to sharing them with you here. 

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