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ESG Factors: Investment Opportunity

The following article on ESG by Hirtle Callaghan’s Garrett Wilson was published in the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP) April 2015 e-Newsletter, The Spotlight.

ESG Factors: Investment Opportunity
Colleges and universities are facing a wave of pressure surrounding the divestment of fossil fuel holdings. Citing the business of fossil fuel extraction as socially detrimental, educational communities around the world are making their voices heard. Although official commitments to formally divest from fossil fuels have been limited, the campaign has raised a broader discussion regarding the alignment of endowment investment policy with an institution’s mission and values.   

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2015 Phoenix Business Journal Independent Advisor Rankings

Based on the data collected, The Phoenix Business Journal ranked Hirtle Callaghan as the number one Independent Investment Advisor in the Phoenix area.  The list ranks advisors by assets under management.  View the article here.

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Pension Plan Funding Update

Liabilities and asset returns have been mirror images of each other over the last two years.  This parallel relationship has been an issue for many pension plan CFOs, Treasurers and Boards who are trying to manage and control their funded status volatility.  But, this isn’t just an issue, this volatility is also an opportunity for plans to improve their funded status through full-time glide-path monitoring and de-risking and re-risking when appropriate.

Read more on the current status of pension plan funding here.

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Diversification, Never Been Cheaper or More Painful

Asset allocation is the primary driver of return variability across broadly diversified portfolios.  Historically, over time, more diversified portfolios have provided higher rates of return and lower portfolio volatility.  This has not held true in recent years and concentration, not diversification, has been the game.  At Hirtle Callaghan, we believe now, more than ever, more diversification is the right answer.  

To understand why, read Tom Cowhey's Invesment Strategy Commentary Diversification, Never Been Cheaper or More Painful.  Download the commentary.

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