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Hirtle Callaghan Names Ranji Nagaswami Chief Executive Officer

Prominent Investment Executive to Assume CEO Role at Pioneering Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Firm

Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Hirtle to Continue as Executive ChairmanJon and Ranji

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Brexit - We are on the Case

Brexit, the nonbinding referendum calling for Britain’s departure from the European Union is behind us, but the uncertainty surrounding it will continue.  Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation, but will likely stay on until October, when a new Prime Minister will be selected by Cameron's Conservative Party.  Negotiation over departure terms may begin now or not until the new PM is in place.  After negotiations are complete, the agreement will need to be ratified by Parliament.  That may prove to be particularly difficult given that "Leave" voters carried the day with such a slim majority (51.9% v 48.1%).  Some even believe that “Remain” voters can rally enough support to force a second referendum. 


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Inspiration and Persistence

Success?  What does that mean to you?  The most genuinely successful people I know are those who are most comfortable in their own skin and, consequently, genuinely happy.  They didn't arrive at genuine happiness overnight; they achieved it through years of steadfast, informed effort applied to every important aspect of their lives, starting with the relationships that matter most to them and, immediately after that, their work.  Whether that work is cabinet making or neurosurgery, they work hard.  But, importantly, that dauntless time on task is powered by fascination.  They are seekers always eager to learn about their chosen craft.  They are hungry to be surprised about even the smallest new piece of the puzzle and that next level of mastery which, while completely undetectable to others, is tremendously gratifying to them. 

Angela Duckworth, arguably the world's foremost expert on "grit" and achievement, spoke last week at the 2016 Hirtle Callaghan Investors Conference.

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