Foiling the "Murder": OCIO to The Rescue

The financial media, including Pensions & Investments, FundFire, Barron’s and Institutional Investor, have written about the rapidly growing OCIO marketplace, and a simple Google search for "outsourced CIO" yields more than 550,000 results. At least two respected industry observers (Casey Quirk and Charles Skorina) have made commendable efforts to describe OCIO for two audiences: investment firms trying to understand the landscape and potential OCIO clients who want to consider their options.

In recent years Hirtle Callaghan has been recognized as the pioneer of the OCIO industry (in August 2011 Pensions and Investments dubbed our CEO, Jon Hirtle, the Oracle of Outsource).  As the firm that started it all, we want to offer our own perspective on the critical role of the CIO and how to differentiate among firms offering OCIO services

We have included an excerpt here. If  you are a fiduciary or investing for your family and you are interested in the complete commentary to learn more about OCIO or Hirtle Callaghan, please contact us.

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