An institution is only as good as its people and the culture that binds them. Hirtle Callaghan professionals are passionate about our culture of service, logic and discipline. We are a “values-based” firm in a “rules-based industry.”  We have been called “Wall Street idealists.”  This label implies an unusual balance between Wall Street performance-orientation and a genuine fiduciary ethos.  There are plenty of bright, performance-driven investment experts on Wall Street, but they often lack a long-term fiduciary orientation.  Conversely, there are many fiduciaries that lack the ability to capture strong investment performance.  Our people and culture seek to capture both.


Hirtle Callaghan is and will be the leading Universal Investment Management institution in the world. 


Our clients rely upon us to develop and implement investment programs that work.  Our conduct will, in very real terms, affect the welfare of their families and organizations.  The following principles are timeless and constitute the foundation upon which our institution is built.  They guide our conduct in dealing with clients, industry colleagues and each other.  We ensure success by steadfast adherence to these principles:

  • We exist to serve our clients. We want to genuinely understand our clients and their needs, then diligently apply our investment disciplines on their behalf.  We serve them with loyalty, empathy, responsiveness, discretion and a positive professional attitude.  We are dedicated to earning the privilege of their trust and confidence and will never do anything to jeopardize either.
  • We hold integrity sacred. We never engage in any activity or associate with any person who would reflect negatively on our personal reputations or the reputation of our firm.  We always take the high road.
  • We are professionals first. We always put the client’s interests first.  Only after determining the best professional solution will we consider how to deliver that solution at a fair fee.  We will never compromise the quality of our solutions for profit.
  • We are driven to master our craft. We constantly work to improve our personal effectiveness and that of our firm as an organization of sophisticated investment professionals. We value wisdom over simple information and eagerly seek new investment knowledge while carefully guarding our professional objectivity and the disciplines that safeguard our clients’ assets. 
  • We collaborate. We engage our colleagues with curiosity as well as respect, courtesy and fairness.  We are eager to learn, so we listen before we speak.  We know that in a firm like ours, success is the opposite of a zero-sum game.
  • We innovate. We rely on our conflict-free, client-centric culture combined with collective expertise and purchasing power to drive the development of more and more sophisticated, net-of-fee solutions.  Good enough is never good enough. 
  • We are a growth company. We continue to grow by delivering a greater number of ever more sophisticated solutions, not for growth’s sake, but to reach more clients who need our service and to attract and retain industry leading talent.
  • We are committed to Hirtle Callaghan as an institution. We embrace the principles of due diligence, prudence, profitability and effective internal controls.  We conduct our business with the highest degree of professionalism, building a strong institution that will serve our clients long after our personal careers are complete.
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