Laurence B. Siegel

Laurence B. Siegel

Laurence B. Siegel is the Gary P. Brinson Director of Research at the Research Foundation of CFA Institute, and also works as an independent consultant, writer, and speaker.  He serves as Senior Advisor to Ounavarra Capital LLC, an alternative investments firm.  Until July 2009 he was director of research in the Investment Division of the Ford Foundation, where he worked since 1994. Before that, he was a managing director of Ibbotson Associates, an investment consulting firm that he helped to establish in 1979.

Larry’s first book, Benchmarks and Investment Management, was published in 2003. With Zvi Bodie and others, he co-edited three books in the series The Future of Life-Cycle Saving and Investing, released in 2007, 2009, and 2012. His collection of readings entitled Insights into the Global Financial Crisis was published in 2009, and he co-edited, with Martin Leibowitz and Brett Hammond, the 2011 book, Rethinking the Equity Risk Premium.  All of these books are published by the Research Foundation of CFA Institute and are available as free downloads at

Larry is a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Portfolio Management, the Journal of Investing, and until recently, the Financial Analysts Journal.  He serves on the board of directors and program committee of the Q Group (Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance).  He has assisted a variety of nonprofit organizations in his roles as investment committee chair or member.

In 2009, Mr. Siegel won the first annual EDHEC-Robeco prize for best article, presented in Paris. He has also won three Graham and Dodd awards from the Financial Analysts Journal, and two Bernstein-Fabozzi/Jacobs Levy awards for outstanding articles in the Journal of Portfolio Management.

Larry received his BA in urban studies from the University of Chicago in 1975, and his MBA in finance from the same institution in 1977.  He lives in Wilmette, Illinois.

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